Where You End

So after my somewhat gushing Groupon earnings call summary, here's the other side of the coin. One of the things that CEO Eric Lefkofsky said during the call, and it has become a major talking point since, is that Groupon wants to become the first place shoppers turn to when they "want to buy anything, anywhere, […]

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Groupon’s Q2 Earnings Notes

On Wednesday Groupon (GRPN) announced their second quarter earnings. The stock market reacted quite favorably sending the stock up 22% in a single day. That is quite the dramatic recovery for a company with a pretty solid record of missteps with the financial community. This is why the stock is moving.  Groupon named co-interim chief […]

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Is Social Media Failing Retailers?

L2 Think Tank recently released a study focused on speciality retail. eMarketer published some information from the study including the chart below, that shows social media is not really have that big an impact on ecommerce sales.  This social referral result is from speciality retailers with a 90% use rate on  Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, Twitter, […]

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VentureBeat reported today that Fab just closed a $40 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Fab is an oft talked about company in the halls of Half Off Depot. Before today I do not know about the company's pivot from a social network for gay men. Interesting. In Fab's announcement they attributed their success to three […]

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