Get Rich Once

I recently had a meeting with one of my long-term financial advisors Rusty Holcombe. He has his own firm, Holcombe Financial. As always the meeting was thought provoking. To say Rusty is a contrarian is quite the understatement.

As we we leaving Rusty gave us a few books. One on top grading sales, finding good employees, and how to unlock business profits. He also gave us a book of his own. You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once. It is bascially completely counter to any advice you have ever received from the finance industry, or what Rusty refers to as toxic financial advice. 

The starting blocks to financial health according to Rusty are:

  1. Don't pay fixed bills with variable money.
  2. Build your saftey net.
  3. Invest for cash flow.
  4. Enjoy life.

Not a bad list though I am not sure that I totally agree that point number three applies to most people.

One of the more interesting things about Rusty is how he is marketing his book. His goal is to give away a thousand copies this year. I thought I would help him out.

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