Into The Priesthood

My friends over at Mail Chimp have updated their email stats. They titled the piece "Get out of the Daily Deals business and into the Priesthood." Snarky folks.

We’ve updated the stats by industry and stats by business size pages, and some really interesting facts bubbled up.

For example, daily deals have the lowest average campaign open rate at 19%, while religious newsletters have the highest at 48%. Overall, photo and video businesses engage users extremely well from both an opens and clicks perspective.

From an abuse perspective, the construction industry, interestingly enough, has the highest abuse and hard bounce rates. Daily deals actually have some of the lowest unsub, abuse, and bounce numbers.

So why would daily deals have some of the worst engagement but some of the best scores regarding negative feedback? First of all, if you’re being flogged deals each day, there’s a chance you’re going to disengage, become a zombie, relegate the mail to a folder, etc. By that same token, however, you’re too disengaged to unsubscribe or click the spam button. The mail is just background noise to be ignored, both positively and negatively.

I think their analysis here is right on. We send a lot of email at Half Off Depot. Something in the range of 50 million messages per month. Our open rates are low, our unsubscribes low, and we get little negative feedback.

January 8, 2013  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Deals, Half Off Depot