The New Atlanta Startup Community Blogroll

Seems I don't get much time to blog these days. To busy running a company to really give it much thought though I try from time to time. Have actually considered just shutting it down but can't bring myself to do that either.

Back in the day FoG was one of the places to be if you wanted to be a part of the Atlanta Startup Community. Not so much any more. But as is almost always the case there are other people to pick up the flag for a good cause. If you are interested in Atlanta technology startups these days here are the blogs you should be reading.

Atlanta Startup Blog. Brought to you by the good folks at Hypepotamus. Never participated in any of their events but intend to. Seems like they have something going on in the heart of the startup scene.

Atlanta Startup Community. Jon Birdsong of SalesLoft is the driving force behind this blog. He has some TechStars experience and great passion. SalesLoft is how housed at Atlanta Tech Village.

10,000 Startup Hours. David Cummings has been doing a daily post for quite a while. And as the guy that started Atlanta Tech Village after a big exit from his own startup David has a lot to say, the time to say it, and the cred.

Atlanta Startup Gossip. Sanjay Parekh seems to be trying to turn this into a community sounding board. If it works as well as Startup Riot he will succeed.

Rob's Blog. Rob Kischuk's blog. Rob would be the perfect technical co-founder if he was not running his own show funded by Mark Cuban. Dude ships elegant product. Rob does not write often but when he does he provides great insight into the Atlanta startup world.

I am sure this list is not exhaustive but these seem to be the places where I find myself keeping up with the goings on in the Atlanta startup community.  

How about you, where do you go online to stay connected to the Atlanta startup community?

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