Rise Up

The city of Atlanta is hosting its first ever NFC Championship today. The hometown Falcons are a 4.5 underdog. You have to go back over thirty years to find a number one seed so heavily favored to lose. The Falcons get no respect.

They got no respect late in the season when they had the best record in the conference. They need to beat the Giants everyone said. They did. Blew them out. Still no respect. They got no respect against the Seahawks. Beat them everyone said to get the respect you deserve. They did. Still no respect. Today is the day the Falcons get respect.

The key to this game is containing Kaepernick on the ground, make Gore run through a crowd, and ultimately forcing Kaepernick to beat you with his arm. As good as the guy is I do not think he can beat the Falcons strong secondary with his arm in a hostile environment. Interception city.

If the Falcons get off to a fast start, and they are the best at in the NFL at doing so, and contain Kaep on the ground they not only cover the 4.5 they win outright. If they don't it could get ugly early. My money says they do both and advance to the Super Bowl.

Go Falcons! 

January 20, 2013  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Sports