Don’t Cheat On Your Name

So the other day I got into a little conversation on Twitter with Johnson Cook and a few others about the branding of the Atlanta Tech Village. Here is
part of the exchange.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 11.51.42 AM

It was somewhat joking banter but there is also an important underlying marketing principle that is worth further discussion.

One of the most important things a small company can do is be consistent with their marketing message. A core element of messaging is your company’s brand name.

While Knox is a smart guy for the people that work at Atlanta Tech Village to refer to it as ATV is just not a very good practice. And to be frank they are actually pretty good about not doing so though if you roam the halls you will see some signs with ATV this or ATV that. ATV, is it a vehicle or a venture firm or an accelerator? No one should invite the confusion.

I am so adamant matter about about I refuse to use the term HOD to refer to Half Off Depot even in internal communications. Those internal communications become a habit and make their way into the outside world. Every time I refer to Half Off Depot I type those nine extra characters.

Don’t cheat on your name. Find a good one and say it and type it the same way every time. If it is too long to completely say or type and you find yourself wanting to shorten it to acronym in your communications you have the wrong name.

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