Shot Stats

About three years ago I took up tennis. I did it so I could play with my kids who were playing in junior leagues. They have put their racquets down but I continue to play about three times a week. I play out of the Piedmont Park Tennis Center.

One of the pros there, Lavie Sak is also a bit of an entrepreneur. He has founded a company called Shot Stats. Lavie spent four months in Shenzhen at the HAXLR8R accelerator creating Shot Stats first product, Challenger. Challenger is a technology enabled string dampener that can measure head speed, ball impact, spin, stroke count, and much more. In production it is going to cost around the same price as a good racquet.

Five days ago Lavie served up the Shot Stats Kickstarter campaign. As a fan of entrepreneurship and tennis as well as a student of Lavie’s I’m a backer. So far Shot Stats has raised about $40,000 of their $75,000 goal. If you are a fan of tennis and technology it will be a fun project to watch.

And speaking of fun to watch, below is the Kickstarter video on Shot Stats. Most of the hard court and environmental shots were taken at the Piedmont Park Tennis Center.

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