Revisiting Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone. I thought I would hit the FoG archives to kick off 2015. Eight years ago I wrote No 2007 Resolutions. It is copied in its entirety below.

It is interesting how these goals have stood the test of time so far. And when I think about I want to accomplish in 2015 this list pretty much captures it with the biggest focus being on getting back in the game of leading a company.

Ever since I sat down and put together a personal mission statement, which I dish out piecemeal here from time to time, I have found that resolutions just really are not needed that much any more.  I never did like them much anyway.

My life goals have not changed much since I first wrote them.

1. Make my marriage an example for others and most importantly for my children.  I will encourage and support my wife’s personal growth.  I will assist her in the duties of our household, date her regularly, and cherish her always.

2. Dedicate quality and quantity personal time with my children while they are young.  I aspire to hold dear my time with them and teach them values and skills that they will keep throughout their lives and which will enable them to be both happy and well adjusted.

3. Generate substantial wealth for those that employ me and provide financially for my family.  Build $10 million in personal net worth.

4. Led a recognized technology company.

5. Continue to learn. Read regularly and pick up new crafts, sports, or topics.  Seek out new adventures in life.

6. Give an increasing portion of all I earn to charity.

7. Exercise regularly at least three times per week.  Keep fit and at my appropriate body weight.

And 2007, it is going to be a great year of goal achievement.

Happy New Year everyone!

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