Atlanta Startup Weekend Spring 2014

Atlanta Startup Weekend is back this weekend.  This 54 hours of organized chaos take place May 2 through May 4 at ATDC. Entrepreneurs show up on Friday night, pitch their ideas, form teams, and code away. This hackathon has been around in some form or the other since 2007. The focus has morphed from pitching and hacking […]

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Is Amendment One Good For Business?

Benjamin Fink of Berman Fink Van Horn has a very well thought out and footnoted article over on Georgia Non-Compete and Trade Secret News (who knew there was such a thing) titled. Georgia’s New Non-Compete Statute: Is This-legislation Good For Business In Georgia? Mr. Fink seems to be an expert on the subject. His conclusion: In […]

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Going to try a new thing for FoG in 2010.  Sponsorships.  Going to leap not creep.  Only accepting sponsors that fit what FoG is all about. The cost to be featured on FoG is as follows: Size Time Cost 125 ×125 3 months $1,500 125 ×125 6 months $2,250 125 ×125 12 months $3,000   […]

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CES Is Not Coming To Atlanta And I Am Not Going To CES

Some time ago Wei Yang of Easy Auto Sales suggested on Skribit that I write about bringing CES to Atlanta.  With that annual consumer electronic bacanal opening today it seems an appropriate time to address the topic. As Greg Foster mentioned last night, the odds of CES coming to Atlanta are zero.  Here are a […]

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Well Hello

It's been a while.  Went offline. Spent lots of time with family and friends that have no idea what things like blogging and twitter are.  So Happy 2009. It is going to get off to a great start for me.  I am getting a new co-worker.  You see we have been a little short staffed […]

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The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone (with the exception of comments by others of course).  They do not represent the opinion or position of  any other person on entity.  All postings adhere to my personal values.

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