Stock Update

With earnings season well past us I am long overdue with my update on stocks that I control.  As I said beore, for the most part I
leave the handling of my stock portfolio to professionals. But I like
to keep a little chunk in play money so that I can invest as I see fit.

The number of stocks in the mix has increased from four to six.  Here is the run down.

AAPL.  Sold a bit of my Knology holdings at the end of April and bought Apple at $100.  Basic reason for doing so is that I like their CPU traction.  Beyond the numbers I hear folks in enterprises switching to Macs and neighbors asking me what I think of mine because they like the TV ad.  The stock is up 22% in 60 days.

ELNK. I own
a little less EarthLink stock these days.  I sold some to buy Netflix. EarthLink reported a loss of $.24 while analysts were expecting a loss of
$.30 and got a nice little pop. I have to keep it real and say I don’t see a business in consumer muni Wi-Fi. 

JOE. Joe is a good name for a dog and that is what I call Florida’s largest real estate development company. Stock is down $10 (16%) since February. Holding until I figure out something better to do with the money.

KNOL.  Knology is a cable overbuilder offering triple play services.  Rodger Johnson has this one firing on all cylinders.  And the stock is delivering as well.  Up to the $19 range from $13 in February.  I locked in some gains and purchased Apple with the proceeds.

NFLX.  Recently purchased the stock for two reasons.  They are well connected and I think someone is going to take them out.  End of story.  For now.

SCUR. Came into
this via my time at CipherTrust. Missed out on the big sell off when restrictions were lifted.  Would like to see a little recovery before starting a  measured unwind with most of the results going to the money professionals.  The $15 I predicted in February seems far, far away.

Overall my 12 month return is 37%.  I’ll take that.

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