Starting Startup Weekend

Atlanta Startup Weekend is less than a week away from starting.  Over 75 people have signed up.  The total registrants may reach 100 (registration closes on Wednesday).  And we have some great local sponsors in MailChimp, JungleDisk, and A Small Orange that are going to be offering some resources to Startup Weekend participants.

With that said, there is a dirty little secret about Startup Weekend.  Actually it’s
not confined to Startup Weekend.  It applies to lots of well known
startup related programs.  Startup Weekend, TechStars, YC, the GRA/TAG
Business Launch competition.  The further along you are when the
programming actually starts, the better your chance of success when the
program ends.  So what does that mean for Atlanta Startup Weekend?

If you have an idea start developing the idea into something that you can easily share on opening night.

If you have an idea it also would not be too bad an idea to start
recruiting your team before the event starts.  As an example, the
idea for Twitpay was well socialized last year before the weekend began
and several key team members knew that was what they were going to work
on before they walked in the door on Friday night.  So recruit people
that you know and want to work with to sign up for the weekend so they
can work on your project.

If you don’t have an idea go to the idea wiki and chime on the ideas that others are submitting.

It’s time to get started.  If you have any other insights or questions bring them on.

November 7, 2009  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Marketing, Presentations