ATDC is looking to hire an up and coming marketing guru to manage and lead its marketing efforts.

ATDC currently employs an online content marketing strategy. If you are hired you will be heavily focused on planning, developing, and managing website content. You will manage ATDC's email and social media marketing programs, create print marketing material and support marketing for ATDC events. You will also have the opportunity to attend technology startup events to grow awareness of ATDC and increase its reputation among customers, prospects, and, sponsors.  If you want to learn the world of technology startups there are not many better places to be.  

The ideal candidate will have a business or communications degree with about three years of related online marketing experience. You will need excellent written communication skills including past experience in the creation of case studies, collateral, press releases, and website content.  You need to be a little bit of a geek, but just a little, with knowledge and use of Windows/Mac, WordPress, social media platforms (Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), and web analytics tools. Knowledge of HTML, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are big pluses.  

To be considered for the job you have to officially apply. You can do so here. Entering job number 0164162 will take you to the promised land. 

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