Gabe’s Codified Startup Advice

Yesterday a simple note from the CTO of Georgia Tech made its way to my inbox with a single sentence and a URL. "Have you seen this?" was all it said. It referenced the personal domain of Gabriel Weinberg who I am quite confident I had not heard of heretofore so I clicked away to come across a gem of a post.

Gabe does startups in Philly, and like me gets a lot of requests for startup advice. And like me he found himself giving a lot of the same advice to many entrepreneurs. Unlike me he decided to codify the advance he is giving in a flow chart.

Codified Startup Advice
I love this thing. It is awesome.

It is awesome because it actually captures the conversations of the majority of entrepreneurs that reach out to me seeking advice.

It is awesome because it asks the right questions in the right order.

It is awesome because the questions of committing full-time, having a technical co-founder, launching, getting traction, and knowing how to scale the business all come before the raising money question.

This flowchart is awesome because it is going to become a reference tool I use a lot.

Not sure that I totally agree entrepreneurs should not seek advice until well down the path but I appreciate Gabe allowing me to republish his flow chart here. The comments in Gabe's original post are worth a read through and Martin Dengler's version of the graph is a little cleaner. One of these is going on my office wall.

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