Back in February when I reported stats for FoG at the age of five I noted the large drop in comments. I received a few responses, two of which are shown below.

Wayt on Comments
Andrew on Comments

Pretty interesting to note that they came via Twitter, somewhat proving the point Andrew, and Wayt were making. It also confirmed that FoG needed a commenting and social facelift. 

So I facelift she got. Using Fred Wilson's A VC as a model FoG now is using Disqus as its commenting system and has some nifty new bottom page naviagation that I believe will increase page views. The sidebar has also been cleaned up a bit. Most of the heavy lifting of this project was done by Matt Smith a rising young star in this community. 

If anyone has any other thoughts for improvements or specific requests please let me know. In the comments.

March 21, 2011  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Personal, Web/Tech