Online Lures Local

After giving eMarketer a bit of a backhanded complement yesterday on the online marketing opportunity today they are getting all out kudos.

Location based marketing has been of great interest to me for a while as evidenced by "The Mother of All Internet Wars" and "The Local Nut" articles. Well today eMarketer came out with an article entitled "Online Lures Local Ad Dollars."

This chart does a nice job of showing how local ad spending is expected to continue to shift online to move more in line with now people are spending their time.

Online & Traditional Ad Spending Share

The money quote was in the eMarketer Daily.

The proliferation of online advertising channels over the past few years has made it easier for local businesses to transition ad dollars from pricier, traditional ad formats to cost-efficient interactive channels like social media, search and email marketing.

As online local marketing channels continue to grow and offline marketing channels contine to shrink it's a trend that is sure to continue.


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