College Degree Required

So I week or so I tweet out that I was looking for a receptionist. Entry level college grad was the gist of it. I got four potentials on short order but I also got a few questions. College grad to be a receptionist? Really?

Well yeah.

While I am looking for a receptionist, and about five other gigs for that matter, it is really a bit more than that. I am looking for smart people that can grow and contribute in a startup environment. Two of the things it takes to do so is smarts and drive. Rightly or wrongly having the gumption to go get yourself a degree can serve as an indicator of those two things. It's a screen. A proxy of some sort. It is why Google only hires from top tier universities. 

A gotta add that one of the people that questioned me is one of the smartest technologists that I know. A Georiga Tech drop out to play CTO for a hyper growth startup. About four successful ones at this point. Sometimes a degree just slows you down.

February 28, 2012  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Management