FoG turned six last week. As been the habit here for the past six years here are the stats over the course of the life of the blog. 

One Two Three Four Five Six
Visitors 2,525 12,792 43,166 46,445 40,745 39,600
Posts 135 204 178 152 158 92
Comments 52 253 685 655 402 NA
Conversational Index .38 1.24 3.85 4.31 2.54 NA
Technorati Rank 788,400 189,138 180,054 46,798 41,981 58,419
Blog Grader Rank NA NA NA 10,442 56,879 NA

My number one takeaway? I need better metrics. 

I switched comments to Disqus based on some reader feedback which on the whole is a better user experience and increased engagement. Unfortunately unless I want to shell out $299 a month they offer no analytics. While really wanting to know how many comments/reactions have been made since the switch it seems a little rich to me. And for whatever reason HubSpot killed Blog Grader. All in all too many NAs in the table above.

Given what I have the most important thing to note is that posts are down 40%. Primary cause being that I am now directly involved in a startup as opposed to helping other folks with their startups. It's hard to find time to write and many of the most interesting things that I do are difficult to discuss in an open forum.

Let's see what year seven brings.

February 21, 2012  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Personal, Web/Tech