FoG turned seven last week.

Truth be told I seriously contemplated using the occasion to shut it down. Outside of family I have very seldom done anything in my life for more than five years. Seven in my mind is the absolute longest time anyone should do any one thing. But for some reason I could not bring myself to turn it off.

The annual stats over the life of the blog show a certain disinterest. The past year was the lowest number of posts that I have authored since FoG started. And the comments, which is the only thing that really makes this more than just a self-aggrandizing free flow of not totally organized thoughts, dropped 6x.

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven
Visitors 2,525 12,792 43,166 46,445 40,745 39,600 21,834
Posts 135 204 178 152 158 92 40
Comments 52 253 685 655 402 307 57
Conversational Index .38 1.24 3.85 4.31 2.54 3.33 1.42
Technorati Rank 788,400 189,138 180,054 46,798 41,981 58,419 36,917

But it seems that over the past month or so I have figured out how to discuss some of the things that are going on in my startup world and that I may be able to keep on a pace to put up two posts a week which in my mind about what is needed to build a healthy community. 

So I decided to remain calm and carry on. Like family, FoG has become a little too cherished to leave.

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