Atlanta Startup Village Meetup

Last night I had the honor of presenting at the Atlanta Startup Village Meetup. It was quite the rockin' affair. About 250 people registered, 175 or so showed up and Monday Night Brewing suds were on tap.

I was joined at the front of the room by VillageDefense which I regret to say I don't fully understand cause the demo had some technical issues; DudeRanch, a TripAdvisor for wannabe Cowboys and an interesting domainer story; Sidewalk District, which is going to need some serious UX work to to work; and Ionic Security, fresh off a $10 million Kleiner/Google Ventures round.

Mr. Cummings claims the meetup is the largest startup event in the South. Mr. Bird claims I am OG, which I think is a compliment. Regardless it is worth a trip if you want to see the new edge on the Atlanta startup scene.

May 29, 2013  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Accelerators, Entrepreneurship, Food and Drink, Networking, Startups