Two Years

Willie King over at WorthPoint reached out to me earlier this month via LinkedIn, "Congrats Lance on 2 years" he said. How time flies. He is talking about my time at Half Off Depot/nCrowd.

It has been quite busy. So busy that I have not really had a chance to practice my preach of updating your resume every year just to remember what you have accomplished. Doing that and keeping it to the required two pages is just way too time consuming. So at the risk of being self aggrandizing here are the bullet points of the past two years (one of the reasons I have a blog is to find things that are important to me) that someday I am going to have to whittle down and properly format for a resume.

  • Played a significant role in the company securing $7 million series A.
  • Selected expansion markets and in conjunction with CEO set expansion strategy.
  • Successfully expanded into first additional market within 60 days of joining company.
  • Based on the results recommended to board that we accelerate expansion.
  • Expanded into four additional markets with 100 days of joining company.
  • When Groupon botched its IPO recommended a market rollup.
  • Took over direct duties of CTO and Vice President of Marketing.
  • Personally led the negotiation of two asset acquisitions.
  • Identified and made initial inquires to major acquisition target, oversaw due diligence and closing of the same.
  • Oversaw the development of proprietary platform and assumed direct management of the darn thing. As in doing sysadmin and committing code.
  • Assisted in securing venture debt for major acquisitions.
  • Acted as corporate secretary. 
  • Started as employee number 21, employee base now reported to be 70.
  • 3.5x revenue run rate growth.

Not a bad list for two years. It will be interesting to see what the next two bring.

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