Marketing Metrics Matter More

eMarketer had a nice write up entitled Execs to Marketers: Show Me the Metrics. They refer to a study by VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA that found 85% of marketers claiming the pressure to measure marketing’s business value and contribution has increased. Of course it has. Online marketing metric measurement that every SaaS company worth its salt is employing is reaching into other industries. In other study 60% of marketing leaders stated they were reporting to CEOs and other members of the executive team on at least a monthly basis.

Marketing Metrics Matter

Of course all this reporting can be a challenging because in order to accurately report on a regular basis you need to have good data and getting that data can be hard. It’s part of the reason why marketing technologists are in such high demand.

I have a long held belief that if you can’t measure it, it’s not marketing. Seems that a lot of people are starting to think that way.

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