Opening Up Social Networks

I have a social network management system that is somewhat well thought out and which I exercise diligently. You could call it discerning. On the big four it goes something like this: Join the professional networks of people I have conducted business with on LinkedIn Follow people on Twitter that I find interesting Friend people on […]

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March 11, 2011  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Social

Random Hacks of Kindness

Random Hacks of Kindness is a community of developers, geeks and tech-savvy do-gooders from around the world working to develop software for the challenges facing humanity today. RHoK brings geeks together with disaster relief gurus to identify critical global challenges and develop software to respond to them. They do this via RHoK Hackathon events that bring […]

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November 10, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Games, Open Source

Facebook Social Graph

With a big pointer from Daniel Sims, I went to the SWAT Labs Facebook social app and created the graph below. Not quite as interesting as the LinkedIn graph of yesterday. My Facebook network is purposely more limted than that of LinkedIn.  On the lower left are my high school friends and my family is right […]

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October 21, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Networking, Social

LinkedIn Social Graph

So my friend Russell Jurney, who is an analytics architect at LinkedIn, sent me my LinkedIn social graph. It's pretty cool. According to Russell the colors represent clusters of well-connected people.  Moving from lower left to upper right the clusters go something like this: Dark blue: Established Atlanta technology community Bondi blue: CipherTrust Green: Up […]

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October 20, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Networking, Social

Tech Marketing Awards

On November 18 I will be playing master of ceremonies to the first ever, and hopefully annual, Tech Marketing Awards. I am quite sure that the highlight of the evening will not be anything that I have to say about the chief marketing technologist meme in my opening comments. Nor will it be the spectacular views […]

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October 18, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Food and Drink, Fun, Marketing, Presentations

Weekend Update

Every November since 2007 I have organized Atlanta Startup Weekend. After some deep thought on the matter I have decided to no longer led Atlanta Startup Weekend. The decision was both complex and difficult but it is the right thing to do. Atlanta Startup Weekend accomplished what I intended. It built a stronger technology startup […]

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September 24, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Entrepreneurship, Fun, Networking, Startups, Too Many Events

GVU Fall Showcase

One of my favorite outings of the year is to walk across the courtyard from ATDC to the Technology Square Research Building for the GVU Showcase.  Two floors chock full of cool geeky stuff.  Stuff like augmented reality, brain-compter interfaces, tangible media,and wearable computing. there will be over 100 research demonstrations by Georgia Tech faculty […]

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September 15, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Computing, Fun

IgniteATL is Back

The 2.0 version of IgniteATL is taking place Monday April 19th at 6:30. The event has been taken over by Patrick Nickles who has moved the locale to the Georgia Aquarium. The vid does a nice job of explaining Ignite. Patrick is looking for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers.  And if you are going to go, […]

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April 12, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Presentations

Cypress Street Scoutmob Hit

As announced back in February, tonight at Cypress Street (817 West Peachtree Street) we are having a little gathering to take advantage of a Scoutmob 50% off deal and a beautiful spring evening.  The Cypress Street Pale Ale (house beer by Flying Dog Brewery) which is normally $3 will be a steal at $1.50 per […]

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April 1, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Games