The Winning Formula

With Groupon mishandling its IPO, Facebook closing down it's Deals offering and Yelp cutting back on its deals staff, pundits are starting to question the viability of the deals market. Lots and lots and lots and lots of questioning. These folks are as wrong as those that said Facebook Deals would be the death of Groupon. Recently Jim […]

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Deal Facts

Utpal Dholakia of Rice University has been studying the deals market for some time and a few days ago released a new study, How Businesses Fare with Daily Deals: A Multi-Site Analysis of Groupon, Livingsocial, Opentable, Travelzoo, and Buywithme Promotions. In the study Doctor Dholakia examined the performance of daily deals run through the five major companies […]

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Groupon S1

So Groupon filed its S1. The length of the document and the analysis of it is staggering. So this is a blog. A web log. Here are some of my favorite reads on Groupon's filing. Who Will Be Left Standing Post-Groupon IPO by Erika Morphy of Forbes. An analysis of the daily deal market. Not […]

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Deals, Deals, Deals

Nice top level summary of a really big and interesting space. So big and interesting that Google, the company with the largest market cap, is the dog. Regardless I think Jim Crowley, the CEO of BuyWithMe, pretty much got it right when he told Crain's "There is room for six of seven large players as well as […]

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