One of the ways that I have been spending a bit of my time for the past few months is with a company called Freshtix. Freshtix provides event registration and ticketing for organizers to promote and sell tickets. Freshtix is part of Ticket Alternative. Ticket Alternative was formed back in 2003 by Iain Bluett and Jamie […]

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Answers For Raj

Call him a contrarian. Raj Parikh moved from San Francisco to Atlanta to start a consumer technology company. Seems a little crazy. He has his reasons and is blogging about his experience over on From Atlanta With Love. His most recent post ponders whether to stay in Atlanta or move back to SF.  While Raj talks about […]

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The Switchyards Building

Last night was Switchyards demo night. Nine projects, I hesitate to call them companies, showed off what they had created last weekend to about 300 attendees. It was a good show and fun to knock off a little rust by participating as a member of the VacayWay team. The big announcement of the night was […]

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Shot Stats

About three years ago I took up tennis. I did it so I could play with my kids who were playing in junior leagues. They have put their racquets down but I continue to play about three times a week. I play out of the Piedmont Park Tennis Center. One of the pros there, Lavie Sak […]

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Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator

Not too long ago Michael Tavani of Scoutmob fame announced that he was leaving his day to day role there. Shortly thereafter he launched Switchyards, a consumer brand incubator focused on design and based in Atlanta. On June 6 Switchyards will be hosting a consumer design weekend accelerator event at Scoutmob.  Given my experience running […]

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On Anonymous Apps

Messaging and anonymity are in vogue these days. Lots of fast growing apps. Big name venture firms like Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, and Sequoia Capital investing in the space. And lots of other big name venture capitalists coming out against the evils of anonymous apps. Names like Marc Andreessen, Mark Suster, and Hunter Walk have all come […]

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Atlanta Startup Weekend Spring 2014

Atlanta Startup Weekend is back this weekend.  This 54 hours of organized chaos take place May 2 through May 4 at ATDC. Entrepreneurs show up on Friday night, pitch their ideas, form teams, and code away. This hackathon has been around in some form or the other since 2007. The focus has morphed from pitching and hacking […]

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